Action 1×1 Soft Cue Case


Action case is a basic 1 butt 1 shaft black vinyl soft case and is an excellent choice for short term travel and storage.

This case features a spacious pocket and a basic shoulder strap for transporting your cue.

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Action 1×1 Soft Cue Case


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      Action Cue Cases
      Colors: Black
      Opening: 1/4 zip at Top Corner
      Material: Vinyl
      Pockets: 1, 7 ” in length
      Strap: 1″ Wide Vinyl Strap
      Length: Fits up to 30″ Shaft
      Lining: Red Felt with Foam Padding
      Sleeves: Protection/Separation through Shaft Sleeve
      Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
      Butt: Butt inserts either direction

      Additional information

      Weight 2 lbs
      Dimensions 36 × 5 × 5 in