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Diner Collection!

It was not our intention to save marriages when we designed the Carsten Diner, but it is the ultimate compromise without compromising anything! A recipient of 4 world patents, it is a very unique concept. It is designed so that even the beefiest of hustler can get their legs under the table when dinner is served.

We accomplished this by using a unique steel frame that is lined with wood inside the frame (to deaden unwanted noise feedback). Then it is framed in your favorite wood on the outside to give it a true furniture look. The rails are a massive 6.5″ wide which is currently the widest in this industry. Unlike most pool table dining conversions – The Carsten Diner uses full size balls, with a regulation pocket opening and 3 piece 1″ slate. The hand-crocheted pocket nets are custom made and easily folded up into the table when in dining mode. The Carsten Diner is fitted with a matching 4-piece dining top that is far easier to handle than bulky 1 piece or 3 piece tops.

The question most parents may ask is “What happens when junior spills his milk?” No problem! The table is equipped with a folding moisture proof pad that blocks most spills and acts as a buffer between the top and the rails. As tough and strong as this pool table is, remember it is also furniture. It comes standard in oak or maple and your choice of 16 different stain finishes. As one customer recently remarked, “It’s amazing! We had the whole family over for Easter dinner. When dinner was done, I pulled the tops off to reveal the pool table. My brothers and sister all let out a cheer. They had no idea it was anything other than a real nice dining table! – I felt like James Bond”.

Available Sizes:


Size Playfield Overall Size with Top Ave. Seating
3′ X 6′ 32″ X 64″ 46″ X 78″ 8
3.5′ X 7′ 39″ x 78″ 53″ X 93″ 8
4′ X 8′ STD 44″ X 88″ 58″ X 102″ 12
4′ X 8′ PRO 46″ X 92″ 60″ X 106″ 12
4.5′ X 9′ 50″ X 100″ 64″ X 114″ 14