6 Reasons to Opt for a 7-Foot Pool Table

7 foot pool table

The Perfect Fit: 6 Reasons to Opt for a 7-Foot Pool Table

When it comes to selecting the perfect pool table for your game room, size plays a crucial role. While standard 8 and 9-foot pool tables often take the spotlight, the 7-foot pool table emerges as a perfect option for many players across the USA. Most might recognize the 7’ ball return pool table as a staple in pool hall but 7’s are regularly made for residential homes as well. While many 7’ pool tables on the market are made of laminate or mdf, American Manufacturers can create a solid wood table that will be a quality heirloom in your home for years to come. These pool tables can be made in different standard hardwoods, with popular cloth colors such as blue felt, and choice of finish color. In this blog, we’ll delve into six compelling reasons why you should seriously consider a 7-foot pool table.

Dimensions of 7’ Pool Table

The playfield for a 7’ pool table is 39” x 78”, this is measure from tip of cushion to opposite tip of cushion. Please see our recommended overall space needed to play with a standard 57” pool cue is 12’9” x 16’0”, you can always size down to a shorter cue stick if you have a tight shot or an obstruction. Visit our space and dimension chart to check your Gameroom!

1. Tailored for American Game Rooms

The 7-foot pool table is uniquely designed to fit perfectly in many home game rooms, especially in the United States. Whether you have a spacious basement or a cozy den, this size provides the perfect balance, allowing room for additional game tables like ping pong or shuffleboard. Your game room stays versatile, catering to various gaming experiences. Many 7’ pool tables on the market will also come with an option for a pool table combo set dining top, which allows you to turn your pool table into dining table when not in use – the perfect compromise of space!

2. Intimate Gaming Experience

A 7-foot billiard table fosters an intimate and inviting atmosphere for your billiards sessions. It’s well-suited for those who enjoy close-knit gatherings with friends and family in their game room. The smaller playing surface encourages personal interactions and memorable moments.

3. Ideal for Beginners and Family Fun

Introducing billiards pool tables to newcomers or engaging younger family members becomes a breeze with a 7-foot table. Its compact size makes it less daunting for beginners, allowing them to hone their skills and master their pool ball shots in a relaxed setting. It’s the perfect way to nurture a love for billiards among family members of all ages.

4. Easier to Move and Set Up

7-foot pool tables are known for their easier maneuverability. Whether you decide to revamp your game room layout or relocate the table altogether, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this smaller, lighter option that is still a slate pool table. It ensures your game room remains adaptable to your preferences.

5. Exciting and Challenging Gameplay

Despite its smaller size, a 7-foot pool table provides challenging and competitive gameplay. The limited playing space leads to more strategic shots, intensifying the excitement of every game. It’s the perfect choice for players who appreciate the skillful and tactical aspects of billiards in their game room.

6. Versatility at Its Finest

A 7-foot pool table is versatile enough to accommodate various pool games, such as eight-ball and nine-ball. Additionally, its adaptability extends to by adding a ping pong top to play table tennis matches and offering a convenient dining top option for your American game room. The space saved might also open the doors for a pool table w/ a matching shuffleboard table or bumper pool table.

Some of our favorite 7 foot pool tables

Our ‘DeVille’ is a perfect example of how style and size can blend together effortlessly. The midcentury modern design offers a sleek and minimalist design that pairs seamlessly with a 7’ size. Design this table for your room with a choice of Oak or Maple wood, any standard finish color, and choice of brass or silver feet ferrules.

Deville Curly Maple
Deville Curly Maple

The ‘Hamilton’ is a great fit for someone looking for a versatile table that can be transitional, contemporary, or modern. This table is strong but delicate, fitted with our dowel pin constructed frame and made of all solid wood. This has been a best selling 7’ pool table since its inception in 2018.


Looking for a industrial pool table to fit your loft space? Look no further than the ‘Highland’. This ultra-modern pool table is built with a steel frame in lieu of a traditional pool table frame. Complete your look with drop pockets, and euro blue cloth – this 7’ is the showstopper of any room.


Checkout our full line at here.

In conclusion

The 7 ft pool table stands as a perfect choice for many game rooms. Its size and adaptability make it the perfect fit for both beginners and seasoned players alike. Whether you’re seeking family fun, strategic gameplay, or patio space with an outdoor pool table; the 7-foot pool table is a versatile, budget-friendly, and enjoyable addition.

American made pool tables can be custom made in a 7’ table size, so they aren’t just another sku, it’s made specifically for you! Popular design options come standard with the A.E. Schmidt Billiards line, all our models can be built in a 7’ size and include popular options like blue cloth color, a warranty, billiards balls, pool table cover, drop pockets and cue tip repair kits. Made for durability in the USA, we craft traditional pool tables, contemporary, barnwood style and everything in between.

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