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Dedicated to crafting beautiful, elegant and durable pool tables.

High quality solid wood pool tables are rare to find these days, in an industry that is filled with imports. That is why at A.E. Schmidt, we are proud to build our tables in the USA. Manufacturing pool tables have been our passion since 1850. We still apply the same level of care to each and every pool table we build. New technology meets the old school craft in our factory every day.

Made the Right Way

It’s true: you get what you pay for. Import brands skimp on the construction, finish, lumber and are mass produced. You can trust our tables will stand the test of time, from generation to generation.

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Variety of quality solid wood table legs


Using only the highest grades of solid wood that are flat, clear and split free. We work standard in maple, oak and tulip wood but if you want an exotic wood we got you covered.

Cabinet Construction

We use either a unibody or dowel pin type construction. Dowel pin allows for a perfect frame alignment every time! Not to mention we have been using this technique since the early 1900s — so you can be guaranteed old world quality. All frames have little to no shake and are milled flat within 1/64″ corner to corner.

Quality wood construction with dowel pins
Variety of quality diamond sights


No plastic for us. All sight material is natural mother of pearl, abalone or wood inlay. Sights are sanded before finishing so that you get a silky uniform feel.


No painted finish here! We brush and then hand wipe our stain to allow the natural grain pattern to shine through. Next we apply four coats of sealer/finish and hand rub with 400 grit between all coats.

Quality solid wood rail staining and finishing


Tough sturdier rails are the name of the fame. We use 3/8″ threaded inserts which gives better resistance to over tightening. All rails are lined with hardwood on the bottom to add maximum strength and resist warping.


All our tables use a 3-piece 1″ slate from Brazil. Each piece of the configuration is diamond honed on both sides for maximum flatness.


No shortcuts on our cushions. We use a yellow wood glue and not a fast acting contact adhesive. Our way allows cushions to be straighter and more accurate. All pocket angles are cut on a compound jig — same every time!

No Mass Production

Built by hand, we typically construct 3 tables a day. Each pool table moves through our factory as a unit, so we can assure perfect fit every time. You can rest assured your table is getting the TLC it deserves.

AE Schmidt hand crafted quality solid wood pool tables
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