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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not offer values on used/antique tables.

Unfortunately, we do not buy back used tables at this time.

We do not set pricing on our website as we work through a dealer network. If you would like to get a cost on a certain model, please select the “Get a Quote” button next to each table. Or you can find a dealer in your area by using our dealer locater under the Find a Dealer tab.

A.E. Schmidt pool tables come standard with a 4-digit code with a letter in front of it. The first two numbers of this code tell you the year the table was made. The letter and last two digits tell you the order in which it was made.

We will use the example A7142 and B7142. A7142 means that the table was made in 1971 and was the 42nd table made that year. B7142 means that the table was made in 1971 and was the 142nd table made that year.

Not at all. We can work off of rough sketches, old photos, verbal descriptions and pieces of old furniture you just happen to like. This is what we have been trained to do our whole lives — it’s second nature.

Absolutely, the factory is always open during business hours and you are welcome to visit. By the way, that’s how you tell who actually builds in the United States and who does not. You should always ask that question if you wish to buy a domestic product. If they won’t let you into the factory, it is probably built in China! Most American manufacturers are proud of what they do and welcome visitors!

Please refer to our Space & Dimensions page for some helpful guidelines on how much room you need for a pool table.

AE Schmidt showroom Hamilton pool table

If you do not see the answer to questions you had in our Frequently Asked Questions page, please feel free to contact us, a customer service representative will be able to help you. 

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