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A. E. Schmidt is not about buildings, factories, or storefronts that we have occupied, it’s about people! Who were the people who built a company strong enough to last 160 plus years from nothing? What were they like and what did they do to make their mark? Check out the interesting history behind the A.E. Schmidt Billiard Co. and the legendary quality craftsmanship behind each of our beautiful pool tables and game room furniture.

image of a. e. schmidt company in saint louis in the early 1900s

Our History

Our rich heritage began with quality craftsmanship and remains our standard for all manufacturing, sales, and services. Since 1850, we have created some of the most beautiful and solidly built pool tables ever made.

image of factory craftsman assembling railings of a custom pool table

Our Factory

Manufacturing pool tables have been our passion since 1850. We still apply the quality craftsmanship and care to build each pool table. New technology meets the old school craftsmen in our factory every day.

A.E. Schmidt Factory Location

Our Locations

Visit our showroom and view the beautiful pool table models for yourself! If you’re in the market for game room furniture, accessories, cues, darts and much more, you’ll find it here.

Legendary Craftsmanship and Stylish Beauty

We have a rich heritage in pool table manufacturing and sales in the United States of America since 1850.