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Antique Table Restoration

With over 150 years in the billiard business, A. E. Schmidt Billiards has created many antique billiard and pool tables.  Whether you’re looking for a full pool table restoration or looking for antique pool tables for sale, A. E. Schmidt Billiards can help. We have worked on antique pool tables from many different manufacturers and are comfortable with repairing all of the different construction styles.  Our manufacturing methods have changed since 1850 when we began building tables, but our attention to detail and quality hasn’t.

Pool Table Repair

Rail Repair

A.E. Schmidt brings more than a century and a half of experience to every facet of the billiard business from complete table repair to duplication of complete tables. Because every Schmidt employee has not only built new tables, but has also serviced them out in the field, you will receive top quality work only a professional can provide.

Cushion Repair

Unlike nearly everyone else, we do not use contact adhesive. Our cushion work is guaranteed for 10 years not to drop or break loose. You may ask yourself why should I send my rails off to AE Schmidt or another professional? Simple, the local pool table repairman will tell you he can put them on at your house; and they can – but not properly. It’s like rebuilding your engine on the side of the road, don’t do it. Have someone who will take these rails back to the shop where they work on them properly – cushions must be straight. If this is done at your home, the tech must use a fast dry contact cement which will break down over time. Also, contact is exactly what it does, bonds immediately. So if the cushion is not put on perfectly straight the waves in the cushions are there permanently and will affect play quality . One of the first steps in getting your cushions repaired or replaced is to determine if your cushions bad? If you have to ask the question there could be something else wrong or you just may have an inferior cushion, because when cushions go bad, you know it. They either turn hard as a rock or soft & mushy. We recommend you check the following before you swap out cushions.

Are your rail bolts tight? Loose rail bolts will slow play down considerably. Typically this is an easy check that anyone with a socket wrench can do.

Is your cloth tight both on the rails and bed? If it is loose, it will play slower.

Are you comparing your table to a premium cloth? If you are comparing the table to one that has a worsted wool cloth such as Grenito or Simons and you have a conventional cloth, yes, your table will play slower.

Are your pool balls dirty? Believe it or not, this has an effect. When the pool balls lose their polish, they also lose some speed. Try using replacement Aramith Pool Balls. If you have checked all these things, try the rebound test. To test cushions, roll a ball as hard as possible between two side rails, if less than five contacts are made, you will probably need new cushions. Be sure that when you roll the ball as hard as possible there are no breakables across the table from you such as vases, lights, windows or children. Over zealous testers have been known to loft balls off the table, creating a whole new problem with their spouse.

Nose heights and degree of angle A common question is “What should the height of my cushion be?” There is as many answers to this as there are cushions. If the original manufacturer of your table is still in business, we follow their recommended height.

Degree of Angles One of the most misunderstood problems with rails is degree of angle. This is the amount of angle put on the liner. Improper angle vs. cushion profile will not only make a rail look strange, it may also affect speed and accuracy during play. If you have a table over 20 years old it is likely the profile of the cushion has changed. This is why you need a professional to do the work. Cushions that are replaced by an installer on site cannot provide this. At AE Schmidt we have specialized machines, fixtures and skilled personnel to handle nearly any kind of rail. When your cushions are replaced you should also install new rubber facings as well as feather strips between the rail top and the liner to hold the cloth securely in place.

Sewing Pockets

A.E. Schmidt company uses a unique combination of old and new when sewing pockets. The outside parts are sewn with a walking foot style sewing machine for a precise stitched look. While the interior part of the pocket is hand stitched with heavy waxed curd for optimum strength. Labor to sew standard pockets is $75.00 per set, whether you want an entire replacement or just certain parts. On pockets with Gully Boot or unusual pockets the labor is $150.00 per set.

It is recommended on any table over 30 years old to resew new leather onto your existing irons. The iron molds have changed slightly over the years. To assure proper fit it is important to use as many original parts as possible

A complete quote can be provided at your request by E-mail, Phone, Fax, or Letter. Pockets typically take between 2 to 4 weeks to sew & repair. New complete #6 pockets are in stock and can be shipped immediately.