Custom Table Options

We offer many custom options to help you create the perfect table for any decor!

Special orders don’t upset us, in fact we like them.  It is both gratifying to our craftsmen and the customer to see a dream come to life. The process is not as out of reach for the average customer as you may think!

Custom Stain Options

Custom Sight Options

Custom Sight Options

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Custom Cloth Color Options

Cue Drawer Option

cue drawer option

Add a cue drawer to your new table and conceal your cues and pool balls underneath your table.

Available on select models.

A. E. Schmidt Genuine Quality Craftsmenship
A. E. Schmidt Genuine Quality Craftsmenship

Frequently Asked Question

Is it going to be expensive?

It depends on what you want, If it’s covered in diamonds—yeah, its expensive! The average custom table usually cost’s very little more than a nice off the rack model—in many cases less than some of the import tables being sold by major manufacturers today.

Do I need to provide blueprints or spend half of my time designing this? 

No, we can work off of crudely drawn sketches, old photo’s, verbal descriptions and pieces of old furniture you just happen to like.  Just like the guy who put this website together, we gave him a verbal description and he made it happen.  This is what we have been trained to do our whole lives—it’s second nature.

What if I hate it when its done? 

We typically have the customer involved through the whole manufacturing process.  If we totally bombed on a project,  (only has happened once) The customer is free not to accept it and get his money back or pick out a different table.  In the case of the one table that did not turn out the way the customer had originally thought, he simply picked out a different design.  They are very satisfied customers.

Will it take more time? 

Yes, typically a standard table takes thirty day’s to produce.  Customs usually take twice that amount of time.

Can you duplicate another manufacturers table that I like, but I would rather buy from A.E.Schmidt! 

Listen, we have been copied a 100 times on products that we have designed and built—-We have no problems with that what-so-ever.

Can I see the table during the production stages at the factory?

Absolutely, the factory is always open and you are welcome to visit. By the way, that’s how you tell who actually builds in the United States and who does not. You should always ask that question if you wish to buy a domestic product, If they won’t let you into the factory, it is probably built in China! Most American manufacturers are proud of what they do and welcome visitors!