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pool table movers

Pool Table Movers: Why You Need Professional Pool Table Movers

Moving can be a stressful event, with countless items to pack, load, and transport to your new location. Hiring a typical moving company might seem like a convenient option for your pool table, it’s crucial to understand that pool table moving is a specialized job that requires the expertise of professional pool table movers. In this blog post, we’ll lay out why you need to be extra careful when moving a pool table and why typical moving companies aren’t the best choice for this job.

The Skilled Nature of Pool Table Moving Services

Pool Tables are first and foremost a game, because of this, there will be components that the average moving companies are not familiar with. Most pool tables consist of 2 or 4 legs, a frame, 3 piece slate or one piece slate pool tables, 6 rails, pockets, and cloth. These piece needs to be disassembled properly to ensure they fit together correctly on the setup and allow for many more years of fun. Your movers will need to know how to remove the rail system, remove felt to ensure it can be reused again at the setup location (if applicable), deputty or dewax the slate and pocket hole seams, and disassemble the pool table frame and legs. This job is not as easy as shrink wrapping and carrying out the door! Most pool tables moving companies will be a two-man job, but some are able to handle it solo with the correct equipment.

Important note: it is vitally important that your pool table is never moved in one piece or slide across the floor. In our experience, this is the cause of most pool table damage and is very dangerous due to the weight of the item.

The Case for Professional Pool Table Movers

1. Years of Experience

Professional pool table movers have years of experience handling billiard tables. They understand the nuances of different types and brands of pool tables, whether it’s a high-quality table or a custom-made one. Their expertise ensures that your table is treated with the utmost care during the move.

2. Specialized Equipment

Moving a pool table requires specialized equipment like crating, ramps, and dollies designed to handle the weight and size of the table. Professional movers come equipped with these tools to ensure a safe and smooth move.

3. Disassembly and Reassembly

Disassembling a pool table correctly is critical to its longevity. Professional pool table movers know how to carefully dismantle the table, ensuring that all components are labeled, protected, and ready for reassembly at your new location.

4. Full-Service Offerings

Typical moving companies might offer pool table moving as an additional service, but professional pool table movers specialize in it. They provide a full-service experience, from pick up at your current location to pool table installation at your new home. Many professional pool table moving companies can offer packing services, refelt your pool table, and offer additional pool table repairs. This comprehensive approach ensures that your table arrives in perfect condition.

5. Additional Services

Professional pool table movers often offer additional services such as pool table refelting with high-quality billiard cloth like Simonis, bumper replacement, and even crating for long-distance moves. These services are essential for maintaining your table’s quality.

Why Typical Moving Companies Aren’t the Best Choice

  1. Lack of Expertise: Typical moving companies lack the expertise and experience required for pool table moving. They might treat it like any other piece of furniture, leading to potential damage.
  2. Risk of Damage: Moving companies may not have the specialized equipment necessary to transport a pool table safely. This increases the risk of accidents and damage to your table.
  3. Uneven Play: Improper disassembly and reassembly can result in an uneven playing surface, impacting your game quality.

The Search for the Best Pool Table Movers

Look for a pool table service company with a team of professionals who offer free quotes and are known for their high-quality service. These professionals will treat your pool table with the care and attention it deserves, ensuring it arrives safely at its new location, ready for you to enjoy countless games in your new home.

In conclusion, moving a pool table is not a task to be taken lightly. To preserve the beauty, functionality, and structural integrity of your billiard table, always choose professional pool table movers with years of experience and a reputation for excellence in the field. Don’t risk the well-being of your pool table by entrusting it to a typical moving company; opt for the experts who understand pool table moving

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