Pool Table Room Design

pool table room design

Creating Your Ultimate Dream Pool Table Room

There’s something truly special about having a dedicated pool table room, billiard room, or game room in your home. It becomes the heart for entertaining – a luxurious space for fun, friendly billiards competition, and making lasting memories with family and friends. While the pool table or billiard table itself is the obvious centerpiece, designing the entire room is a chance to craft an oasis that blends stunning style with a vibrant atmosphere. In this blog post we will talk about how to craft your dream pool table room design

Planning the Space

The first step is properly planning the room size and layout to accommodate your dream billiard table or pool table. For a regulation 8-foot pool table size, you’ll want a game room with at least 13’ 10” x 16’ 2” of space to allow for proper clearance on all sides and sightlines from multiple angles. If incorporating additional amenities like a home bar, bar stools, or lounge seating, adjust room dimensions accordingly. Consider sightlines from all angles to avoid obstructions. See our guide for how to measure which size pool table is right for your space. This guide will also tell you which space you need for which length pool cue, the standard pool cue is 57-58” long.

The Pool Table Selection
With spacing planned out, it’s time to select the perfect pool table or billiard table to anchor the room’s design. Will you go ultra-traditional with an intricately carved wood billiard table? Or make a bold statement with a modern pool table design using materials like steel, concrete or glass?

Setting the Ambiance

With the pool table or billiard table chosen, it’s time to craft your desired ambiance. Lighting is critical – you’ll want overhead fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights positioned to dramatically highlight the table’s surface without casting harsh shadowing. Integrated LED rail lights or sconces can add brilliant accent flair. Traditional table lights will want to be hung 31”-33” from the top of the playing surface to the bottom of the light shade.

Creating an overall luxurious yet cozy vibe can be achieved through plush seating like armchairs, rich textiles like leather and velvet, warming wood accents or architectural wall treatments, and a crackling fireplace. A way to spice up white walls is with Gameroom wall decor, you can view many different styles here! Pay attention to climate control ensuring the room maintains consistent temperature and humidity optimal for play.

Design Inspiration Examples: Game Room Ideas

One transitional billiard room, our Hamilton pool table was featured in, has industrial style living space with concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and geometric patterns which creates an eclectic and stylish ambiance. Open concept, which transitions the pool table into a living or sitting area complete with end tables! Home decor ideas for the pool table shopper.

Hamilton with Smokey Black

Hamilton Smokey Black

For a rustic mountain vibe game room, a cozy space on the east coast incorporated a St. Louisan pool table made in solid maple as the focal point. Exposed stacked stone accents, a beautiful chandelier, bookshelf and a full living room/ family room lean into the warm, natural aesthetic. This interior design is perfect for the nature lovers billiard room design.

St. Louisan

St. Louisan 3 (1)

And for the ultimate entertainment room oasis in the south, this sprawling lower-level centers around a 12 DeVille Shuffleboard customized with a solid maple wood and dark walnut finish. Flanked by multiple lounge seating areas, wood floors, and wood walls- it has an air of distinguished luxury and Mid-Century Modern fun.

DeVille Shuffleboard



DeVille Shuffleboard11


Tips for Entertaining

Once designed, there are plenty of additional features that can optimize your billiard room or pool table room space for hosting epic nights with friends. Built-in millwork or display cases provide a beautiful way to neatly store and showcase prized cue sticks, billiard ball sets, dart boards, wine cellar, led lights and other accessories.

Incorporate various low-profile seating options like armchairs and bar stools along the perimeter for spectators to relax while sipping their favorite beverages from an integrated home bar or beverage cooler. Add a high-quality audio system with lighting controls allowing you to easily set the right atmosphere with the tap of a button.

And for the true game room enthusiast, your entertainment space could include additional game tables like ping pong, shuffleboard tables, poker tables, or even a home theater or golf simulator! Most pool tables can be converted to a dining table with a simple pool table dining top! Now your game room is your dining room and vice versa. With a bit of planning, it can double as the perfect space to host small competitive tournaments.

No matter if your tastes lean traditional, modern, minimalist or even man cave vibes, the key is creating a cohesive design that makes your pool table room, billiard room or game room the ultimate entertainment destination right at home. Browse Houzz, homeowner photos and our website for more inspiration, then reach out to start mapping out the ultimate billiards space for your family!


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