The Pool Table Room Layout Guide

pool table room layout

The Pool Table Room Layout Guide

Designing the perfect entertainment room with a pool table is an exciting project for any homeowner that combines interior design with your passion for billiards. Whether it’s in your living room, family room, rec room, dining room, den, or dedicated game room, this comprehensive guide will delve into key considerations for planning your pool table layout.

Table Sizes:

American Pool table Manufacturers make 5 different size pool tables. Below we can give you the approximate outside dimensions of each size. The outside dimensions are approximate because the rail width can change due to styling of a pool table rails.

  • 6’ Pool Table Inside Dimensions: 35 x x70
    • Outside Dimensions for Enclosed Rails: 48 x 83
    • Outside Dimensions for Exposed Pockets: 47 x 82
  • 7’ Pool Table (Bar or Pool Hall) Inside Dimensions: 39 x 78
    • Outside Dimensions for Enclosed Rails: 52 x 91
    • Outside Dimensions for Exposed Pockets: 51 x 90
  • 8’ Pool Table (Home Size): Inside Dimensions: 44 x 88
    • Outside Dimensions for Enclosed Rails: 57 x 101
    • Outside Dimensions for Exposed Pockets: 56 x 100
  • 8OS’ Pool Table (Pro 8’): Inside Dimensions: 46 x 92
    • Outside Dimensions for Enclosed Rails: 59 x 105
    • Outside Dimensions for Exposed Pockets: 58 x 104
  • 9’ Pool table (Tournament Size): Inside Dimensions: 50 x 100
    • Outside Dimensions for Enclosed Rails: 63 x 113
    • Outside Dimensions for Exposed Pockets: 62 x 112

1. Room Size and Floor Plan

Begin your journey by assessing the size and floor plan of your chosen space, whether it’s a dedicated game room, den, or part of your living room. Measure the available area carefully to ensure it comfortably accommodates your desired billiard table size. Standard 7-foot pool tables typically require a room size of at least 12′ 9” x 16′, while 8-foot tables need around 13′ x 16′ 10’“. Larger tables, like 9-foot ones for snooker aficionados, demand even more space. Ensure your layout allows for easy cueing from all angles and eliminates any potential obstructions. It is important to remember a standard cue stick is 57 inches, so you need considerable room around your pool table to have a safe and enjoyable game. Here is a room dimension chart to which size pool table is right for your space. 5’ of clearance around the outside edge of the pool table is ideal for play.

Room Dimension Graph

2. Pool Table Placement

Selecting the ideal placement for your billiard table is paramount. Whether it takes center stage in your entertainment room or is subtly integrated into your interior design, make sure it’s positioned thoughtfully. A good rule of thumb when measuring is to give yourself about 5’ around each edge of the pool table – the length of a standard cue stick. Consider how it fits into your overall floor plan, allowing minimal obstructions for cue length strokes. It is even more important to plan the placement of your pool table if you are planning to have a man cave with multiple games in it. If you are planning on having dartboards, shuffleboards, a home theater, a home bar and any other game tables, you need to plan on them all having enough space to be used without any conflict between people playing each game.

3. Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for both gameplay and aesthetics to minimize shadows on the pool table. Opt for fixtures with adjustable height and brightness or dedicated pool table lights. Ensure they eliminate glare and shadows, offering impeccable visibility for the table and balls.

Hanging Height for Pool Table Lights: For standard pool table lights, you, the estimated average height for installation is 6’ from the floor to the bottom of the shade or if measured from the tabletop is 30” to 36”.

We recommend Z-lite as supplier for all your billiard light needs, they have been in business since 1987 and offer a large selection of styles and looks all dedicated to lighting up the play surface of your pool tables.

4. Furniture Arrangement

Plan your furniture arrangement carefully. Whether it’s dining tables, bar stools, armchairs, sectionals, or comfortable seating for spectators, ensure they’re strategically positioned to provide an unobstructed view of the game. Additionally, consider incorporating cue racks and storage solutions to keep your cues and accessories organized and within reach.

The Legacy Perfect Drawer is a wonderful solution to keeping all your pool table supplies in one place conveniently tucked away under your pool table. The perfect drawer holds up to 5 cue sticks, pool ball set, brush, chalk, 8 & 9 ball triangles, and small tip tools.

Inset Legacy Perfect Drawer Picture

Pro Tip: A great house rule to have in your game room is to keep drinks and food away from the pool table at all times, making pub tables or end tables an important furniture piece to have around so players may rest their beverages while playing.

5. Wall Decor and Art

Elevate the ambiance of your entertainment room with wall decor and art. Billiards-themed artwork, framed vintage posters, or custom-made billiards accessories can infuse personality and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Dogs playing pool

6. Flooring and Rugs

Select flooring that complements your interior design while being easy to maintain. Options like hardwood or laminate flooring are popular, and area rugs can define the playing area while adding warmth to the room. We have put pool tables on all types of flooring from polished concrete to stone. If you desire to add a rug underneath your pool table, it is very important to have the rug in place before your pool table is installed. Pool Tables cannot be slide and if it needs to be moved for the rug to be placed a complete tear down and reassembly will be required.

7. Color Scheme

Harmonize the color scheme of your entertainment room with your personal style. Classic earthy tones like green and brown are perfect for billiards rooms, but don’t shy away from brighter colors if you prefer a more modern and vibrant ambiance. One of the great things about choosing a custom pool table is that you can change the color of the playing surface with a simple service from your local pool table professional.

8. Comfort and Seating

Invest in comfortable seating options for players and spectators. Swivel bar stools, plush chairs with armrests, or dedicated cue racks with seating can enhance comfort and convenience in your entertainment room. Spectator chairs with built in cue stick holders are another great option for cozy seating around your pool table.

9. Maintenance Considerations

Keep maintenance in mind when planning your layout. Ensure that the room layout allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the billiard table, cues, and accessories, as well as access for any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Designing your entertainment room with a billiard table as the centerpiece is an exciting venture that seamlessly combines style, functionality, and your love for the game. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated billiards enthusiast, a well-thought-out layout can transform your space into the ultimate billiards haven within your living room, dining room, den, or dedicated game room.

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