Pool Tables for Sale in St. Louis

pool tables for same in st. louis

Pool Tables for Sale in St. Louis:

Are you on the hunt for the ideal slate pool table or shuffleboard to elevate your game room in St. Louis, Missouri? Look no further! A.E. Schmidt Billiards is 1of 5 major game room manufacturers still producing pool tables in the USA, and St. Louisans have them in their back garden. In this blog post, we’ll explore your options for purchasing a top-quality billiard table in the Gateway City. A.E. Schmidt Billiards offer quality pool tables from entry level to full blown customs.

A St. Louis Legacy: The History

Since 1850, we have been creating custom pool tables with meticulous attention to detail. That is almost 2 centuries of dedication to quality and innovation that has made them a beloved institution in St. Louis. The Schmidt family are still owners and operators of this business today, and well into the 6th generation. Each generation has continued to pass down its knowledge on how to build with the highest level of quality craftsmanship and staying to true to the building principals that keep your furniture heirloom quality. We started out in a small shop right on the river front, around where the Arch stands today and are currently crafting in the Holly Hills neighborhood.

How to Shop for A.E. Schmidt Billiards Pool Tables

We are pleased to offer our St. Louis customers a unique shopping experience, that is difficult to replicate. Our showroom in the heart of the city allows you to see in person our catalog, with over 20 models on the floor to give a great sampling of our capabilities. Our showroom is located in our factory where we build all our products. Come for an informal tour from one of our friendly and low-pressure sales associates (most likely a Schmidt Family member) and see for yourself the love that goes into creating each pool table. If you honor us with a sale, come back and see your pool table in production at the factory before its delivered to your space. Many customers enjoyed this experience, and it is a memory that many have come back and told us about years later as they inherited their A.E. Schmidt pool table from their childhood.

If you are unable to make it into the city to view our showroom and factory, we make it simple to do all the ordering online! Simply ‘request a quote’ on our website, we will respond with a full quote including setup & playing equipment. Once approved, we will send a deposit request for 50% of the order price to be paid online with ACH, Credit Card, or Debit Card – the balance is due at delivery. We can also facilitate this process by phone! After placing order, we will UPS samples of the cloth, finish, and wood that was selected.


We sell our products around the country to our trusted dealer network and therefore do not list our prices online. However, since we are building right here in Saint Louis, MO our local customers receive factory direct pricing. This means we are able to eliminate the cost of crating, packing, and shipping from the price of our game room items because we build them and bring them straight out for installation by one of our trusted servicemen. Call today for a quote or request a quote by telephone. Looking for something a little different? View our ecommerce website Show Me Billiards for a few ‘one only’ models we make for St. Louis delivery only.

Custom Pool Tables

We offer customization options, allowing you to select everything from the table size and color to the type of wood and cloth. We do not stock any pool tables, all our products are made to order! This way, your pool table becomes a unique centerpiece in your game room. If you have a specific vision for your game room and want a pool table that perfectly complements your space, consider custom pool tables. We can work off drawings or inspiration photos to create a custom pool table made just for you. Contact us today with your project!

Service and Maintenance: Move your table with a Pro

Once you’ve found the perfect pool table for your St. Louis game room, it’s essential to think about pool table service and maintenance. A.E. Schmidt Billiards will always service everything it sells. We have crews that travel around the St. Louis area Monday – Friday offering moving services, re felting services, and much more! Maintenance over the years, like re-felting and re-cushioning (when needed), keeps your pool table in tip top shape for years to come. With many other retailers who carry imported pool tables, the style or color can be quickly discontinued, leaving you with no options down the road for repairs or replacement pieces. With an American Made pool tables, we are more easily able to assist in replacement pieces or refinish the entire table to give a fresh new look. Work with a company who offers a great warranty and stands behind their work!

Beyond Pool Tables: Supplies, Cue Racks, Pool Cues and More

While a billiard table is a fantastic addition to your game room, don’t forget about other entertainment options to complete your setup. Consider adding a matching shuffleboard, table tennis, cue racks, and pub tables to create a multifunctional space that caters to various interests. Many A.E. Schmidt Billiards offer a wide selection of game room equipment and accessories. We also offer accessories like air hockey pucks and pushers, bumper pool balls and rings, and much more! Visit our sister website, Show Me Billiards, for an idea of other game room products you are able to purchase from us.


A billiard table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in quality time with friends and family. With the amazing option of a high quality pool table manufacturer in your city, the options are endless. Whether you prefer a classic look, a custom design, or a contemporary style, A.E. Schmidt Billiards has the perfect billiard table waiting for you. So, get ready to enjoy countless hours of fun and friendly competition with your new pool table in the heart of Missouri. We have been satisfying Gateway City pool table buyers for 175 years! Map yourself here or call for directions to our factory/showroom

A.E. Schmidt Billiards

720 Koeln Ave

St. Louis, MO 63111


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