Please note that the showroom portion of our Factory location is temporarily closed to customers while renovations are taking place to create a brand-new shopping experience in the billiard industry! In the meantime, please visit our Manchester location for all your pool table needs! Thank you
St. Louis

The biggest bargain in wood Billiard or Pocket Billiard Tables on the market. Designed the meet the demand for a popular priced table. The St. Louis is a substantially built table. Frame and legs are solid oak, finished golden oak. Rail tops are walnut, sides of rail are built up construction. Legs are 8 ½ inches wide, sides and 13 inches wide.

Made in sizes: 44 x 88, 4 ½ x 9, 5 x 10’ Pocket billiard, Billiard and Snooker. Streamline blinds and kick plates may be had for slight addition in price

Manufactured from 1915-1935

Available in Oak

Slate Bed: 1” 3 piece

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