Pool Table Modern Design

Pool table modern design

The Classic Game of Pool Gets a Modern Makeover

Pool has been a beloved game for centuries, but it’s experiencing a renaissance in popularity thanks to stylish new modern pool table designs. While traditional billiards tables will always have a place, more and more people are opting for contemporary pool table styles that breathe new life into this timeless game.

Why Are Modern Pool Tables So Hot Right Now?

There are a few key reasons why modern, updated pool tables have struck a chord with today’s consumers:

Style – The clean lines, sleek materials, and unique designs of modern pool tables make them equal parts game table and designer furniture piece. We think this article from HGTV has a great informational description for modern design.

Customization – Many modern billiard tables makers, especially American manufacturers (made in USA), offer the ability to fully customize the table. You can choose the wood, cloth color, rail style and more to get a one-of-a-kind table that fits your decor.

Innovation – Many manufacturers have the option to add additional billiard accessories to your gameroom to ensure that all your gameroom accessories fit with the modern decor. Checkout dining pool tables that have a dining top that can be added to your pool table for multifunctional use. Also, matching shuffleboard tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables, bar stools, cue racks, and table tennis can all be made custom to blend seamlessly with modern decor.

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How Modern Tables Modernize the Game

While adhering to official tournament specifications for play, modern pool tables bring the game into the 21st century through design innovation:

Quality Materials – Don’t expect the traditional green felt and wood rails. Contemporary materials like laminated metals (stainless steel & brass), granite, and Mother of Pearl inlays put a fresh spin on the classic table.

Finishes: The finishes you choose on your pool tables can absolutely play to a style your pool table to be more modern. When building custom pool tables, you can select a modern wood finish and contemporary cloth color to fit the modern design decor of your home.

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Benefits of U.S. Customized Tables

While you can find modern pool tables from overseas manufacturers, there are advantages to working with an American company that allows full customization:

Quality – American hardwoods and premium materials combined with skilled craftsmanship ensure a table built to last. This creates a durability that is often unmatched!

Personalization – You can truly make the table your own by selecting every component to capture your unique style preferences. Also, table size has more options with an American made pool table; most American Manufactures will build their pool tables with the standard size choices 6’, 7’ 8’, 8OS, and 9’. The playing surface dimensions will also be regulation per the Billiard Congress of Americas official specifications.

Support – Domestic manufacturers provide better customer service and warranty protection. Professional Installation is a huge factor many American Manufacturers take very seriously for the pool tables they build.

Whether you’re a serious player or just looking for a unique designer piece, a custom modern pool table can redefine this classic game while turning it into the ultimate entertainment centerpiece for your home.

Here are some options of some Modern Pool Tables we at A.E. Schmidt Billiards take pride in building and designing.

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