Why buy USA Made Pool Tables?

USA made pool tables

Why buy USA Made Pool Tables?

It’s true, you get what you pay for and that is especially true when it comes to pool tables. In the billiard world, there are essentially two options of where your pool table can be produced; the USA or Imported (almost all the imported pool tables come from Asia).  This blog post will go through why we think it’s vital to select an American Made Pool Table.

Quality Construction & Materials            

             Lumber: Most USA pool table Manufacturers will only use the highest grades of solid wood. The caliber for measuring high grades of wood is that it will be flat, clear, and split free. The wood selected from American Manufacturers would be primarily domestic lumber specific to the region. There is also more accountability in the United States when it comes to sustainable forestry than in Asia. 2.7 billion seedlings are planted each year by the forest industry in the US or 10 trees for every person in America. Growing and harvesting tress provides jobs for millions of Americans. Well managed forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Without strong markets for forest products, landowners can’t afford to continue growing tress and will convert their land to uses much less environmentally friendly. Thanks to professional foresters, we have more volume of trees in America today than we did 50 years ago.

             Wood Finish: Most imported pool tables will only come in a handful of finish colors. These are painted finishes that easily scratch and can widely vary in color tone and shade from one batch to the next. Need a replacement part from an imported pool table 5 years down the road? It’s going to be very difficult if not impossible. Most American Made Pool Tables can be sanded down and re-stained to make your pool table like new after years of use. A huge perk of working with a manufacturer in your own country! Most USA made billiard tables are going to be a wood stain vs a paint, which holds up infinitely better, an important virtue when playing a cue sport.

             Construction: USA made pool tables are created by craftsman whose attention to detail are superior. At A.E. Schmidt Billiards for example, our parts aren’t pulled of a shelf to make a complete table. These are moved along the factory floor together. Wood is cut, glued up, carved, sanded, stained, and assembled as one piece – no mass construction!  You know your pool tables are going to fit together because it’s already been fit before it left the factory.  The results are a solid, level, and smooth game and piece of furniture. Construction of American Made pool tables are also superior due to their ability to be broken down and moved to new locations much easier than other billiard tables on the market. Some lower end pool tables are not meant to be moved after they have been set in their original space. Due to the material used, they will become brittle and because of the amount of hardware used the wood will be stripped out. American made pool tables are built using dowel pin construction and bolts, making it possible to virtually move them as many times as you like leaving you with the same quality of pool table that you started with.

Warranties: American Made pool tables have warranties that are far superior to their counter parts. When visiting your local showroom, be sure to ask the salesperson about the cushion or bumper warranty. Many manufacturers will only warranty the cushion for 1 years, and this warranty doesn’t include the labor which can cost you upwards of $500 once you include the new rail cloth you will need. At A.E. Schmidt Billiards, we use a high-quality cushion that we warranty for 10 years which includes the labor to replace the cushion, however, our cushions will last upwards of 20-30 years. There are a variety of warranties pool tables can have, but you can tell who stands behind their product just by taking a look at their warranty offerings.

Unique Styles and Custom Option:  Customization options are tenfold when you shop with an American Manufacturer. Multiple sizes available for each model including the elusive 8OS for the true billiards aficionado. American Manufacturers often set the design style for the pool table which will be replicated by Imported Pool Tables later when the style is no longer cutting edge. Styles will cover a range of preferences including rustic pool tables to modern pool tables to contemporary pool tables. You can also work with American Manufacturers on one off design that you can think up. Us, at A.E. Schmidt Billiards, love working with clients on crafting their unique & custom pool table. The best ideas, come from our customers! Many American manufacturers will have a full range of game room offerings to support their pool tables including shuffleboard table, poker tables, bar stools, cue racks, table tennis, foosball tables, dining top, ping pong table, and air hockey and game tables. You can outfit your entire game room while supporting American Made businesses.

Precision Craftsmanship – Locally Made with Care

Skilled American craftspeople build pool tables by hand, right here in the USA. Companies like A.E. Schmidt Billiards, California House, and Olhausen Pool Tables and employ woodworking experts who lovingly build each table. This precision approach results in an heirloom quality product you’ll treasure for generations. Local construction also allows buyers to see the tables firsthand.

Supporting American Business

There are plenty of offshore options for cheap pool tables built in mass. However, investing in an American-crafted table supports small businesses and American jobs. When you buy a quality pool table made in USA, you’re helping keep the American dream alive for small manufacturers.

For a beautiful heirloom quality pool table handcrafted domestically, be sure to check out options from reputable American companies. Their expertise in craftsmanship will provide you with a table to enjoy for generations. Support American jobs and businesses while getting a precision game table made just for your space.


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